TIFF Review: On The Memorable Visuals of “The Traitor”

THE TRAITOR has the most memorable visual I am likely to see in my life.

It is a scene in the life of the main character. #Magia # Boss#Tommaso #Buscetta is in #prison.

In this scene, everyone is sent out of the prison infirmary so that Buscetta can FUCK a beautiful woman in private.

After everyone, but Buscetta, exits the infirmary, a beautiful woman enters the infirmary, lays down on a bed, and Buscetta fucks her.

By the way, Buscetta believed he was a man of honor who abided by all the strict rules of the Costa Nostra – and was not violating the #code of #silence by testifying against his former associates during the most infamous and most significant trial in the Italian history of prosecution of the #Sicilian Mafia history.

You must see this movie in order to understand why he felt that way.

Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, Fashion Blogger, and Trial Lawyer

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