JoJo Rabbit Unfurls At The Toronto Film Fest. (And Gary Passes Judgement)

JoJoRabbit is a complex movie about Nazi Germany, strong women, love, Hope, desperation, making the best of a horrible situation.
JoJoRabbit follows in the footsteps of LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL but instead of the hero being a father protecting his clueless son in a nazi Death Camp, the main character is a mother protecting her fragile fractured fatherless so. and a young teenage strong beautiful Jewish Woman being hidden from the Nazis in her home.
The movie revolves around many thoughts, many situations, the boy’s interaction with many characters and mainly his interaction with the Jewess hiding in his home.
The movie is about how hate is taught, how young people are indoctrinated and shaped by the people around them.
The movie is UGLY. Some people will not stay to the end of the movie because they will become they will not be able to watch the way Nazis treat people and become so offended by the way the Nazis treat people that they can not bear to see anymore of the movie.
But the movie is about life under desperate circumstances and how a brave mother rises to the occasion.
The movie is also about a strong brave Jewish girl and how she rises to the occasion.
The TAKEAWAY MESSAGE of the movie is HATE IS THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES.  HATE cannot be ignored. Hate is more insufferable and more deadly than cancer.
Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, and Trial Attorney

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