Citizen K Review- On gangster capitalists and personal being

CITIZEN K is about the risk rise and fall of gangster capitalism and individual freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Russia.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once, before being convicted of #tax #fraud and sent to prison for ten years – belied to be the #wealthiest man in Russia.
The movie presents the argument that Mr. K was tried for tax fraud and found guilty and sent to prison for the CRIME of criticizing Vladimir Putin.
The movie documents what Mr. K did to make money and the history of what Putin did to become the most powerful man in Russia.
Khodorkovsky could have fled and escaped Russia before being accused of committing tax fraud but chose to stay because he thought it would be undignified to leave Russia under such circumstances.
Mr K strongly believes what makes most in life is not a person’s possessions. What matters most in life is a person’s “being.”

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