Fashion Is Easy, Mystery Style Is Hard. Choose Mystery!

This privately owned privately used transportation vehicle – limo – comfortably seats twelve.

When the owner comes to LA his driver picks him up… In between his trips to LA it is parked at his home -idly waiting in his garage along with his driver waiting for him to come back to LA.

The photo taken by me this morning in the parking lot in front of my favorite Starbucks on Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks.

QUESTION: Does this private limo need a custom wrap or paint job to make it stand out? MY WEAK ANSWER: Why go only part way. Hey Ho Lets Go. Of course this limo needs a custom wrap or paint job … it shouldn’t be plain black.

Plain black is so plain. My weak advice is the owner should wander over to Sticker City, either in person or send color coordinator, and have the artist at Sticker City transform this limo to #gorgeous. COMMENT: There is more to SoCal lifestyle than pretty girls in bikinis playing volleyball on the beach.

STRONG COUNTER ARGUMENT: it should remain black because a black color creates mystery, makes people want to know who is inside it. Black focuses attention on the mystery of who is the owner and who is in the limo.

STRONG ADVISORY COMMENT Fashionistas and their beauty consultants and image consultants and PR agents make important difficult choices and complex decisions about presentation, fashion, style and image every day. It’s not easy to be glamorous sexy hip cool desirable or MYSTERIOUS or popular.

The color that would be right to make an exotic car stand out would not be tight or right for a limo. If a limo doesn’t create mystery cache for its occupant it’s not living up to its full potential utility.

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