Halloween Treat- A common secret of your future success

Believe or not I once had an imaginary one question employment application form. The one question I asked was the following question: ARE YOU A MANIAC?
Meet “Boo.” I met Boo in Rio de Janeiro. In August.  Boo is a Management Consultant.
Meet “Lisa.” I met Lisa in 29 Palms in May. Lisa is a Drum Medicine Woman.”
The four of us probably have more in common than we can possibly imagine.
One of the wonderful things about Trump’s business experience is the lesson you can make huge mistakes and be a huge success anyways.
CONCLUSION: Being a maniac makes a big difference.
Being a maniac is important. … when I met Boo and when I met Lisa – sparks flew on my maniac energy counter.
They are both bright lights, extremely high energy.  I predict they sometimes get carried away.
When they enter a room, the room lights up from the force of their purposeful intellect and mania (enthusiasm, vitality, and positive energy) oozes out of their pores.
By the way, my friend Paul Fegen – who has found nationwide show biz fame after he turned 70 is known by his close friends for his dynamic hard core entrepreneurship – and his extremely high energy too –
Paul never stops going. Nothing (not even failure) stops Paul.
Paul has fast hands – the hand is quicker than the eye type fast hands- and never stops doing card tricks and never stops doing deals
I am sure Donald Trump, you, Boo and Lisa live in a state of inner calm because of your high intensity approach to everything you take in and because each of you is hyper trained and in a constant state of hyper training.
Ask any Olympic Gold Medal Winner – about their training, practice.
They will tell you pain comes with the territory.
You have to love what you are doing  more than you hate the pain to win an Olympic Gold Medal or anything else.

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