Daring Sandals On A Rainy Day

It sometimes trains in Southern California, in Sherman Oaks, and everywhere else all over Los Angeles. Today it was raining in Sherman Oaks, Encino and Van Nuys as I drove from my home in Van Nuys to Starbucks in Sherman Oaks and while I was on my way to my office in Encino.

A few hours ago, While I was drinking a cup of coffee in Starbucks in Sherman Oaks, I saw a woman wearing those shoes in Sherman Oaks Starbucks. She was in Starbucks also. When I asked her permission to photograph her shoes SHE told me she didn’t know it was going to rain today and she was happy she had just got a pedicure. She gave me permission to take this photo and to post it on Instagram.

COMMENT: Nice pedicure. Fabulous stylish and glamorous shoes. BTW, I like talking to strangers. I talk to strangers wherever I am, all the time.

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