Author: Gary

IN LIFE THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT. YOU MIGHT AS WELL EMBRACE WHATEVER HAPPENS. FIND THE GOOD LIFE. There is an objective difference between (1) knowing something, (2) understanding something, and (3) being able to apply what you know in a real life situation. EXPERIENCE I live in Sherman Oaks, California. I am a more »

CITIZEN K is about the risk rise and fall of gangster capitalism and individual freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Russia. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once, before being convicted of #tax #fraud and sent to prison for ten years – belied to be the #wealthiest man in Russia. The movie presents the argument more »

Dear legions, your Dude’s Guide shoe guru is finally back with my weekly Instagram shoe picks and a bonus Japanese Proverb: “The prettiest of shoes makes a sorry hat.” With that said, here are our picks for Instagram Shoe pics This Week. Both are from Una Shoes Instagram page.  

The writer-director JULIE DELPY of this psycho-drama about a divorced mom is as exciting and unexpectedly fascinating and interesting as the movie she made, MY ZOE. If you could tap into her energy you could light up a small city. Before her movie screened at TIFF, she gave a small speech. She told the audience more »

A HIP EXUBERANT MOUTH WATERING SENSUAL DELICIOUS PSYCHOLOGICAL YOU ARE DUMB IF YOU DON’T GET IT MOVIE REVIEW OF “THE GOLDFINCH” by Gary Smolker, Movie Reviewer, Values Critic, Social Commentator and Trial Attorney.     I saw THE GOLDFINCH on Monday night, September 16, 2019. Many reviewers think this movie is going to bomb. One more »

WHAT IT TAKES TO CHANGE THE WORLD Some people believe all it takes to change the world is to have a good idea, to have a good plan, to have a skill, to be smart, and to work hard. Those people are wrong. It takes all of the above plus conviction and hope. The film more »