Author: Gary Smolker

Exceptional People Two to Four Thousand Years Ago Today, cranes can lift up to 20 tons. In Roman times, Jews lifted stones in Jerusalem that weighed 600 tons, Romans lifted stones that weighed 800 tons. Before Roman times, Egyptians lifted stones that weighed 1,000 tons. Those people were marvelous engineers and builders. We don’t know more »

Creative Jam Above is a photograph I took of Sequoia Emmanuel last night (May 9, 2017) at a “Creative Jam” put on by Adobe last night at UCLA. Living A Life of Excellence Sequoia knows how to live a life of excellence. Smart Phone Case The object that looks like a camera at Sequoia’s waist more »

Overview “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachael Zoe, Stylist & Designer “The way that you dress, and the way that you present yourself to the world communicates something about you before you even open your mouth.” – Hillary Kerr,  Founder “What You Wear” “Fashion is instant language.” more »

Guys, it is holiday gift giving season.   The sign above is in front of an organic nail salon on San Vicente Blvd. in the exclusive high priced fashionable Brentwood section of Los Angeles, California. Think organic if that is your favorite woman’s frame of mind. I know how to select and purchase the perfect more »

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Everyday is a fashion show. The shoes and clothing people wear project an image of who they are to themselves and to everyone else who sees them.   But what does their closet look like? There are more than 100 pair of Adidas tennis shoes on the floor more »

People who live intensely collect things — women collect shoes; men collect cars; both men and women collect paintings and sculpture. Contemporary Living Shoes are a potent emblem of contemporary living. Shoes transport us physically and psychologically. A gorgeous woman wearing a pair of sexy red open toe high heel shoes has a psychological effect. more »

Women are very dramatic. Women throw out a symbol when they want to connect to a man’s soul. A woman in high heels is an image leading the male viewer to a dimension in which she will engage him. Is Life More Dramatic Than Art Or Is Art More Dramatic Than Life? What do you more »